Ephesians 2:8-9 "For by grace you have been saved through faith and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast"

Monday, February 8, 2010

Good to hear what's happening there and that the burgers at Chili’s are still good.  It's amazing how much I miss the simple things like a good old fashion American hamburger and other thing  I took for granted in the states.  I found a couple of things at the local market and got all excited-dill pickles and tomato juice-two of my favorite things.  It doesn't take much to get excited over here.  

I  wanted to let you know how encouraging it was to hear that you guys are trying to raise money for the boys to have beds and a rug-they are sleeping on the cement floor which is cold and hard.  To me this was definitely a sign that the Lord is in this outreach.
Here's a breakdown of costs:
Rug -              3,000 
Bunk beds    6,000
Mattress -     1,000
TOTAL        10,000 Ksh (about $125 USD).

The figure for the beds may not be accurate-I will have to check with Joshephat tomorrow. The boys room is starting to shape up (Paula, I could use your artist touch). As I mentioned, by American standards it's pretty crude but by Kayole standards it fine and compared to living on the streets, it's a palace! Joshephat found a kerosene stove, some pots and other things so now they can cook their meals. We put a curtain across the middle of the room as a divider and found an old couch but it doesn't have cushions (remember those college days). Anyway, like I said-it's a palace to them and more importantly, a home.

I was there today and the new boy, Derek is settling in and seems happy. Dixon is always happy.  If you pass this on... here's the background on Dixon. He's a 14-year-old boy from my teen bible class who came to me in August with his desperate situation. He had passed his exams to enter high school but since high school isn't free, needed money to pay tuition.  I didn't want to simply pay his school fees;  I thought it important that since he's on his own he learn how to take care of himself. We made a deal that he would do my laundry and cut my grass and I would pay him.   I helped him rent a small room where he lived until the other boy came into the picture and we rented the larger one.

Things seemed to be rolling along so the other day Joshephat and I we talking about the possibility of finding a third boy sine we had the space. We decided we wouldn't until we saw how things developed.  Then the day after we talked a young woman came to see him about her brother,  Isaac. She said their parents were dead and he'd been living her until she got married and the husband threw him out (this is common and how a lot of kids end up on the street). 

Friday I met with them and explained that  I didn't have the funds to take him in at this time.  I asked if they were believers and they said they were.  I told them to pray for the provision and if something changed we would take Isaac. I wanted them to know the power of prayer and that God has a perfect plan for each of his children.  I told them we would wait a week and see if a provision came through.

Well....when I got home and had the email from you and Paula about sending  the $ for the beds, a rug and extras, I was so grateful. This is the first help from America so I feel this qualifies as the  "provision" for taking Isaac.

As you know, I didn't start out with the intentions of starting a boy's home. But as you also know, this had been on my heart for a long time.  I knew if it was the Lord's will He would make a way.  It started simple,  helping Dixon,  now it's taken on a life of its' own. At no time did I want to stop the process if the Lord was working. It's been such a blessing and fulfillment, even though it's stretched my personal budget to the max. Maybe it's because I never had children of my own or that helping one boy over the long haul may change the course of his life.  Whatever, I am confident this work will have an eternal payoff as boys learn how to have a personal relationship with and depend totally on their Heavenly Father.  For boys without an earthly father or anyone to care for them,  this is huge!
It's late and I'm off to bed. Thanks again and hope to see you soon.