Ephesians 2:8-9 "For by grace you have been saved through faith and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast"

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

(EMAIL FROM STAN) Today is election day and all of Kenya is excited. The last election in 2007 fueled a small civil war ending in 40,000 Kenyans being burned out of their homes and businesses. It doesn't look like that will happen this time because the vote is so lopsided but you never know what these corrupt people will do to hold on to power.

This is an historical day because they are voting on a new constitution. They have been trying to get this for many years but the politicians who are getting the payoff money have always kept it from happening. But the polls show it may be more than 70% who vote yes in spite of many big politicians and church leaders who are urging to vote no. I am convinced it will be a good thing for Kenya and will help to change it from a system run by corrupt politicians to the rule of law. Granted, you won't get rid of politicians and it is not automatically the answer to their problems but it will definitely help. The only down side is that the value of the Shilling will undoubtedly go up after the election and that means my money will be worth less. That's what happened to me in Slovakia. Anyway it is all in God's hands but it is interesting to see how it all plays out. So today is a national holiday so no one is working.

Classes are still going well. The students are beginning to see a totally different Christianity. It is a huge adjustment and not something that happens overnight. But little by little they are being transformed, not by me but by the power of the Word.

Just the other day Joshephat and I were walking back to the matatu and he said: "You see those people over there? They are sacrificing a chicken for atonement." 

After class on Sunday we were stopped by a man who wanted to talk about God. He told us how he was offered 10,000 Ksh if he would walk into a crusade with a pair of crutches and pretend to be healed.

There is so much false teaching. It's all about emitions, healing, crusades, mixing in the old traditional African religions, etc. (Sadly, most get the idea from Western preachers) Churches becomes a hodge podge of whatever their preacher is telling the congregation. It's basically the same message but just a little different from one preacher to the next. None of them are not grounded in the word so they make it up as they go along.

Well, that is changing for the few who are in my classes. They are beginning to go out and tell others as well. So the seed has been sown here and it is will be interesting to see how it grows and bears fruit.