Ephesians 2:8-9 "For by grace you have been saved through faith and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast"

Monday, December 20, 2010

12 December 2010
Off we go... in the morning at 7:30 to Suguta Marmar.  The taxi driver, David, will pick me up and take me to the airport. The plane leaves at 9:30a and will arrive in at Kisima at approx. 11:00a.  Hopefully,  there will be  transportation waiting for me; those camels and donkeys may come in handy. Stan does not want to go at this time as I had hoped.    
Joseph Leleruk and I will get together to set up classes for some eighteen students and who knows what else.  To have eighteen Samburu men in this remote village wanting to learn the truth of Jesus Christ will be a spectacular sight to behold. 
Thanks for so many prayers that brought this day into reality in the purpose and will of God.  I cannot tell you the various repercussions that have passed through my soul and spirit in how best to advance what we began last time Paula and I were there. 
There may not be a plane coming through to pick me up before Jan. 11.  I am on standby. I feel you all with me-there's no one quite like you. I will communicate as I am able. Love to all,Cliff

  19December 2010 I'll make this short and sweet as I am limited to time on this computer. You pay per minute and then hope the connection stays. It is amazing that there even is internet in this remote land.  I arrived here safe and stayed in Maralal, at the Cheers Hotel the first night.  I bought school supplies for men and took the matatu to Suguta Marmar-an hour and half of bumpy dirt road.  I have a room with an indoor toilet (a luxury). I spent Sunday in a village in the hills with village people and taught them then had lunch with Joseph and Pauline, Joseph's wife. Today classes began with both village men and town men.  It was amazing!  We had three classes. I began with Genesis 1 and taught the value of the soul and benefits of Christ being in the soul, the gospel,  and new life; tomorrow I will move on.  Joseph does a great job of interpreting.  We have a little building just out of town and have a meal after the classes. 

I am comfortable in my room and discovering that Christ's life is very adaptable-if one permit; I am permitting.  It is not a sacrifice but a wonderful and exciting privilege to be here in this remote corner of Kenya.  It is very hot,  but you know me, I handle the heat well. I received a blessing from Ben's email- Pass on my love to him and all.  The  regular email teaching will have to be on hold for a while as I am limited in time. I will try to make it up when this venture is over. That probable won't be until Jan.11th when the pilot can hopefully picks me up in Kisima-this is not certain.  I am able to receive emails through Skybeam. I stay in touch with Stan in Nairobi by phone when I have a connection.
 Your prayers and care for me is a valuable asset in all that the Lord is doing here. I believer I am getting the job done the Lord brought me here to do. I love these beautiful men I am teaching. To look into their faces and share my heart with them; that's as good as it gets. Love to each one who is with me here in spirit.  Clarity and boldness is working and I am learning the power of what I teach.  Love to All, Cliff